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Style & Condition Your Beard with

Classic Barber & Beard Co. Products


Whatever beard you wear, remember your style is uniquely you. Whether you have a small beard to a long mane, our soft hold beard butter is designed to help condition your beard. No more scratchy beards or dull hair appearance.


Classic Barber & Beard Co. Beard Butter is all natural, organic & handmade using three major butters & oils to give you the best results for beard conditioning and growth. We only use cold-pressed unrefined oils; our combination of sunflower, grape seed, soy and coconut oil provide hydrating & moisturizing benefits ensuring your hair environment will be in healthy conditions; to promote hair growth We use only the finest butters that not only moisturize & soften hair, they heal cuts and scrapes from beard itch and have antioxidants which help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Our product will give you a refreshing and rejuvenating feeling without clogging pores.


Classic Beard Butter is a favorite amongst mustache and beard enthusiasts around the world! Made by a Barber Artisan, with the clients best interests in mind; A natural product that works & helps create a healthy hair environment to promote growth.


When having a beard; hair in the mouth is part of the “beard life”. Using other brands or over the counter products may contain chemicals such as petroleum. Organic & Natural Products are the safe alternative in comparison to many products on the market today.


For beard softening at home; try this:


1. Using our butter should be used on a clean face, so make sure you wash before use.


2. just after a freshly washed beard. Gently pat dry and apply a fingers size amount to both hands and distribute evenly. If you have an itchy beard as you are trying to grow your mane, try using our product before you scratch. We use 100% undiluted essential oils in our batches and they do help with this sort of thing!


3.Longer beards need more tlc so make sure you are diligent on using the right amount of product for your length. It’s best to work from cheeks down.


-the co-ordination of moving your hands during the application process is a skill you will overcome with practice.


dedicated to supporting your natural lifestyle

At Classic Barber & Beard Co. We believe and standby our organic, vegan and natural products and are dedicated to supporting it. You will never find anything harmful or artificial in our products. Period.


Proudly Made in the USA

Sanford FL

To Jesus be the Glory.


Handcrafted in small batches with care to ensure high quality and attention to detail


Feature & details


even with daily use one 4oz tin can last anywhere from 3-6 months and are safe for use up to a year; a little goes a long way!

All natural and organic matters when it’s close to your mouth, nose & face. Petroleum which is found in many Over the counter products contain harmful oils and gas. Consider your best interests and choose natural products to achieve the best results.

Our Classic Beard Butter has a Lavender Whiskey scent; clean, refreshing, rejuvenating & calming; a timeless and euphoric scent. Our scent is mild and doesn’t interfere with other scents that may pass your nostrils and can be used with our other beard products simultaneously.

Neutral or Clear tint. Rubs in smooth and will not change hair color so the real you can shine through

Handmade in Sanford FL USA each batch is made with your best interests in mind.

Premium Quality Classic Beard Butter by Classic Barber & Beard Co.

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$29.99Sale Price
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